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Ideální jako dárek nebo jen tak pro sebe na památku.
Levně, rychle, jednoduše.


51 fotek, březen 2009 až duben 2010, 55 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
Otago - lakes with crystal blue watters, gold rush heritage, sea wildlife and Queenstown - crowded place which drives you crazy or makes you sick - bungee jumping, sky diving, skiing and snowboarding, jet boating, rafting and nightĺife (we didn´t liked it, because of crowds and commerce, but you could :))
57 fotek, duben 2009 až duben 2010, 68 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
travelling and tramping within the most wild part of NZ.
70 fotek, listopad 2008 až květen 2010, 41 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
Rugged, rainy and wild. That´s what West coast is. Madly winding roads, low inhabited areas, white bait, caves, cliffs, glaciers... Very diverse and surprising. Left my heart there :)
42 fotek, květen 2009 až květen 2010, 34 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
Allmost hidden beauty of north-west corner of South Island. Limestone caves, Nikau palms, coastal walks and lot more!
32 fotek, květen 2009 až květen 2010, 31 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
Most northern region of South Island. Sandstone and limestone formations, pleasant beaches, mild weather even in winter, hippie communities and dairy heaven. Wharariki beach as a crown on head of South Island.
68 fotek, listopad 2008 až červen 2010, 35 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
Flats rising to highest peaks, wandering stock, rural landscape. Canteburry has it all.
46 fotek, listopad 2008 až květen 2010, 33 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
Our home for more that three months. A little village in the middle of valley which connects east coast and west coast of South Island. Significant for its 8,5 km long Otira Tunnel, 133 m high Devil´s punchbowl falls and ubiqitos parrot Kea. Excellent base for exploring Arthur´s Pass National Park.
22 fotek, březen 2009 až březen 2010, 59 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
Most visited National Park in New Zeland. Lush primerval forrest, golden beaches, fine resorts and surprising tidal zones.
236 fotek a 2 videa, červen 2009 až srpen 2010, 259 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
Queensland - surfing, sailing, snorkelling, diving. Tropical fruit and sugar cane simply everywhere. If you become borred of long hauls along cane fields take turn into Great Dividing Range or even in Outback. Subtropical and tropical rain forrests, lots of watterfalls, national parks with Australi´s weird animals, theme parks, Great Barrier Reef - Queensland cn offer you inexhaustible amount of opporunities to spend your free time.
151 fotek, listopad 2008 až červenec 2010, 67 zobrazení, přidat komentář | cestování
North Island - for sure beautiful, but very inhabited and commercial. If you don´t mind crowds during summer, especially in Auckland region, you will love it. We travelled within North Island during winter and still was quite warm, low on tourits counts and better prices. Get a van with heating and nothing will stop you either :) Three weeks were not enough to visit even hot spots, but we saw allmost everything we wanted to see. Our top places - Hot watter beach, Rotoroa region and for sure Tongariro. If you love rollercoaster, try Forgotten World Highway, after 160 km of twisting road I felt really carsick - as a reward you will get amasing wiews of volcano peaks Tongariro and Taranaki. Don´t forget to visit gigantic Kauri trees and go for a fish or sail in Bay of Island.


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